Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I collected your compositions, a formal complaint letter and then carried on with the oral activity we had started yesterday about computers ,interesting sites, webcams, chats and the love-hate realtionship we have with them. State and dynamic verbs were reviewed again with a handout with cartoons and statements related to them : you had to match them , for example : I see what you mean (sense verb) or I´m seeing Mary tomorrow (dynamic verb).

After that ,we had a listening about two people who contact through phone messages left in answering machines . One of them wants to buy a laptop and asks for advice, the other one gives him the information required and ends with two complaint messages for the company where the first speaker purchased the portable.

Homework: Read passage in your books, page 59 with exercise 2 and workbooks page 32 , numbers 4,5 and 6

The beautiful fish in the picture is an Arabian angelfish found in tropical waters. With striking coulours and compressed bodies angelfishes are some of the most conspicuous residents of reefs.Living in shallow waters , they seldom go deeper than 50 m. They are diurnal animals ,hiding in crevices by night. Some spices have a lonely life, whereas others form harems with a dominant male over several females. As juveniles, some species earn their living as cleaner fish.