Monday, March 10, 2008


Your homework was checked. Exercises on reported speech in your grammars, pages 113 and on. Easter holidays are getting closer and closer and I can´t help working with activities related to the topic. Leasure and outdoor activities some more challenging than others.
Discussion in pairs to show preferences about trekking, sightseeing, scuba diving and sunbathing We carried on with the sort of holiday competitions one may come across on the Internet by means of sending a multiple choice questionnaire: a week in Las Vegas, Hollywood, Portugal and a walking tour somewhere in Europe and the possibility of entering these competitions .Then, a listening activity with a couple talking about the topic and their chances of winning with an unexpected end.The sort of activities beeing carried out in the last weeks have been taken from different sources, so, if you haven´t come to class lately, you ought to ask your mates.
For homework next Wednesday some more rephrasing, a handout with exam practice.
This is a Napoleonfish, one of the most impressive I´ve ever seen as the male can reach two metres in length .It´s also striking the beautiful bright blue, greenish colours it has.With thick, fleshy lips ,they look as if they had undergone cosmetic surgery. They also have a hump overhanging their forehead between their eyes,like Napoleon´s "hat".The good thing about this fish is that they are curious and easy to approach, you can attract them with a plastic glass making crankling sounds. They may live up to 30 years,very old and, like many other fish, they change sex from female to male.