Saturday, April 19, 2008


I´m not going to give you very good news, I´m afraid, but that´s life.
The third term exams will be held in May as follows:
- Grammar and vocabulary: Thursday,15th
- Listening and composition: Monday,19th
- Oral : Tuesday,20th and Wednesday ,21st.
- Report: Thursday, 22nd.
Let me know when you are available for the oral exams next Monday, 21st after the class.
Please, do make a serious effort and study what has been seen during the term in your textbooks, workbooks,glossaries and grammar.It´s going to bit a big longer and more comprehensive than the one you did for the second term, that is ,with more rephrasing, tenses, word building,prepositions, idioms and expressions.
Those of you who have failed previous vocabulary exams will have the chance to pass them now,so step on it and do your best!