Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A play titled QUIZ FAMOUS is going to take place on Monday, 10th November at 19,00h in La Casa de la Cultura , La Felguera. It´s going to be really amusing and I´d like everybody to go. Take your friends and family with you , you´ll have a whale of a time.

The same day but at 16,00h in the EOI ,you´ll have the chance of watching a film titled Death at a Funeral (Un Funeral de Muerte) with subtitles in English.

--Homework: Grammar ,units 9 and 10 were checked.
--Test: A fairly easy reading comprehension test you finished in about 15 minutes.
--Grammar: Student´s book, page 17.first you listed and classified the verbs from the reading in two groups: regular and irregular.They were pronounced and we, then focussed on the regular verbs making three groups according to their final pronunciation in /t/,/d/ or /id/.There was plenty of practice because you usually have problems with certainn sounds.
--Pronunciation: With the tape, we repeated the sounds and classified some verbs.
--Grammar: Student´s book ,page 128 and 129 with the rules, spelling and two exercises about the past tense.
--Listening: Student´s book, page 17. A true-false activity about a holiday which was a disaster. The third time was played with the script at sight.
--Homework:workbook, pages 13 and 14.


--Homework: A photocopy with exercises about the different types of adverbs, their position in the sentences and confusing adjectives and adverbs.

-- Reading: Student´s books,page 16. Understanding information from a brochure about an English course in Great Britain with a true-false activity and another to guess the meaning of certain words from the context.

--Listening: Meeting People. A students meets her host family with the introductions and formal and informal registers.

--Speaking: Introductions.A role play with three students: one with the role of the mother or father of an English family,another is the student who has just arrived at the host family and the third student is the husband/ wife and the son who only says "all right" and the father "pleased to meet you. How do you do?" so you don´t have to rack your brain much to remember.

--Listening: On page 17 ,the second part of the English course. This time you have to listen for specific information given to students on their first day at the Language academy.

--Reading: A useful activity about common signs such as beware of the dog, keep off the grass...

--Listening: different ways of saying goodbye.

--Homework: workbook,pages 10 and 11

A grammar and vocabulary test , unit 1, for Monday.