Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Soft corals are members of the order Alcyonacea. These corals are found in a variety of colors. Soft corals are found mainly in tropical waters around the world mainly in coral reefs .

Soft corals will defend their space on the reef by secreting a chemical that inhibits the growth of neighboring coral.The most common form of reproduction in soft corals is asexual by budding, a process in which the parent coral produces a miniature replica of itself that eventually breaks away and attaches to a hard structure. Most soft corals contain the symbiotic algae zooxanthellae within their bodies, and receive nutrients from the algae when exposed to high light levels.

Sing this song.


--Homework: Grammar, units 11 and 12 about the simple past and a handout with some regular verbs to check their pronunciation. It would be a very good thing to have a list of regular verbs in the past classified according to their pronunciation in /t/, /d/ and /Id/. We had a great deal of practice of this pronunciation activity.
--Vocabulary :Irregular verbs on page 155 . We saw up to the verb to lose. Some of them can be classified in broad groups but I´m afraid they have to be learnt by heart a there´s no logical explanation.
--Papers: you were given the listening ,reading comprehension and grammar tests. Some doubts were solved ,especially about the reading. You have to be very careful because with multiple choice questions , practically all of them can be but only one is the most suitable. A lot of pactice is needed.
--Listening: an activity related to the topic of the unit : holidays.With several exercises: basically, tick the places the visited and tick what they did.
--Homework : Study the list of irregular verbs and do exercises of a photocy I gave you about past tenses.

--Test: Grammar and vocabulary test, unit 1
--Unit 2 : I told you I was ill. on page 20 .As a warm up we saw a joke about hypocondriacs .
--Vocabulary and expressions about health and medicine on page 147. At the doctor´s , symtoms and medical conditions. quite a lot to learn, so I won´t give you any extra exercises. If you learn this ,I´ll be more than satisfied with you.
--Homework: It´s obvious: learn the vocabulary on page 147.