Friday, October 10, 2008


Believe it or not, its name was given after flamenco dancers, because if you happen to see this animal moving, it resembles a lot these dancers with waving clothes and graceful movements.

The spanish dancer a very large and colorful sea slug . It like a mollusk ,but without the shell. Most of nudibranchs show bright ,beautiful colours to show their predators they can be either poisonous or have an awful taste.

This species of very large, strong-swimming nudibranch is found in the Red Sea and it´s t is one of the largest of all nudibranchs.


--I reaslised you needed a deep review on the simple present T

tense , not written exercises, but speaking. So I gave you a handout to practise loads of questions with your buddy.After asking and answering several times ,you were able to writhe them down. This activity took quite a long time.

--Speaking: A handout with clues for you to practise more question about a celebrity or someone you´re a fan of . It was titled "What about you?" and you had to ask more questions related to that celebrity.

-- Listening: More practice with the simple present tense.a listening where you had to fill in an enrolment form for a school of languages.

--Homework: workbook.Section 1C, pages 8 and 9. Remember the web link with Oxford and the CD rom.


--Grammar: More activities on phrasal verbs, the same we had done the day before but more in detail and working in small groups. The exercises were from your workbook , section 1A ,pages 4 and 5 , and student´s book, page 144. You should underdand them a lot better by now.I hope.

-- Speaking: Student´s book Section 1B,page 8 with vocabulary about music, records and performances. your taste in music, your favourite groups and so on.

-Homework: There were some questions about a passage about the pop group Abbayou had listened to the day before and you had to find their answers in the reading. A bit tricky since not the answers were in the reading.

-- Listening: Based on the same questions: an interview wityh a journalist from a music magazine talking about Abba. It was a jig-saw listening: each pair was given two questions they had to concentrate on and take as many notes as possible . Then you had to report to the class and the other groups had to complete the information they didn´t have.

-- Pronunciation: Intonation with Wh- questions and yes/no questions. going down with wh- questions and going up with yes/no questions.

-- Song: "The Winner Takes it All". Section a: a matching exercise and section b: a fill in the blanks exercise.

-- Homework: A composition to be handed on Wednesday and workbook, section 1B ,pages 7 and 8.

Now clik here ,listen to the song and do the exercise