Monday, October 06, 2008


This picture was taken in Denmark where thousands of whales are slaughtered for commercial purposes . I´m definitely against cruelty to animals ,their unnecesary suffering and the disappearance of endangered species.

Today´s article:

Obviously, granting animals rights doesn’t mean we’ll see cats in the voting booths on Election Day or chickens behind the wheel of a car. What it does mean is that in similar situations, we ought to consider the interests of humans and other animals equally. That is, we should not grant less weight to an individual’s desire to avoid pain simply because she or he isn’t human. All animals bred for food, fur, animal research, and entertainment are capable of experiencing pain. They seek to live free of suffering. They care about their lives and those of their loved ones. As such, nonhuman animals, like humans, should be treated compassionately and live without fear of torture or death.
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Today´s quotation:
"There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed". Mohandas K. Gandhi


  • Homework: Grammar, chapters 5,6 and 7.
  • Oral and Vocabulary: Personality adjectives. St,p.145. Exercises a and b .
  • Oral: Useful expressions in the class. St, p 144 . We dealt with all the exercises in detail because it´s very good practice. these speaking activities took a great deal of time and it was really woth.
  • Pronunciation of plurals and 3rd person singular verbs. St, p.7 , exercise 5. Just an introduction with the final -s exaggerated so that you could infer the basic rules.
  • Homework: Study the vocabulary and do the exercises related to section 1B in your workbook.


Homework : Grammar, unit 137 about phrasal verbs.

  • Oral: Spanish stereotypes . St, p.7. The topic was thoroughly discussed following the questions of a previous listening activity. Doubts about structures and vocabulary were solved. Remember to say.:What does X mean? Can you spell it ,please?, How do you pronounce it?. Then you wrote down the main ideas of the speaking activity backed them up with examples . After that ,we moved to p.156 to check the main writing skills. Sections a and b. The composition titled The Spanish: What we´re really like must be ready for next Monday.
  • Listening: A true-false listening about Ascot Races from Speak Up. The handout had some useful vocabulary about the topic which helped, however, bear in mind that many statements can be tricky because of the meaning of just one word.
  • Homework: Do the all the exercises of section 1A for Wednesday.