Friday, November 07, 2008


Isn´t this shark beautiful and elegant?. Sharks are the most perfect creatures inhabiting the seas. The photograph was taken at a distance that´s why its image isn´t very clear . If you knew the thrill you experience the firt time you see one these, you ´d be always dreaming to see more. I had the chance to see them even at a lot shorter distances and it´s indescribable, there are no words to show the excitement ,happiness and adrenaline rush you have. After the dive ,we were all speechless .I must say that most sharks are harmless if they aren´t bothered and you keep a reasonable distance. Can you see the diver on the bottom left corner? He was one of our team

Remember that there won´t be classes next Monday since at 4,00 there will be a film at the EOI and at 19,00 there will be a really good play in La Casa de la Cultura of La Felguera. I want all my students both from NB and NI to go and have a great time!
--Homework:Grammar, unit 44. Questions
--Vocabulary: Irregular verb list on student´s book, page 155. We finished the list checking pronunciation and meanings.
--Grammar: Unit 45 . Questions asking about the subject and the object, e.g. Who wote the letter? and who did Sam write?, who did Sally go out with? with prepositions at the end.
--Speaking: student´s book, page 17. First you told your classmate and then individually to the whole class. You have to get used to speaking in public in front of an audience. Next Monday we´ll carry on with this activity.
--Vocabulary : the weather forecast with a handout I gave you with the most common vocabulary and expressions about the weather: it´s sunny, there are clouds, it´s rainy/raining. What a lovely day! ,what lovely weather! (for countable and uncountable nouns). You did some exercises and then, with some cuttings I gave you, you drew the symbols of the weather to be placed on a map of the British Isles and do some practice forecasting the weather. I also explained to you the differences between the British Isles and Great Britain (not england).That Great Britain is formed by England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You barely had time for the speaking practice. To be continued on Monday.
--Homework: Study the irregular verbs, and vocabulary related to the weather. Grammar, unit 45 and those who haven´t had the Holiday speech, get it ready for Monday.
--Homework:Grammar, unit 38.
--Grammar: conditional tenses: zero ,first and second contitional. Student´s books, page 21 grammar activities a,b,and c.On page 132, rules were seen and two exercises were done. Check what you know activities a and b.
--Phonetics: a pronunciation activity on weak and strong forms on page 21. Four conditional sentences, you had to write the stressed forms in green squares.Remember that articles, auxiliary verbs, conjuntions,prepositons don´t take the stress (except for emphasis sometimes)
--Speaking: on page 22, health problems : catching colds, symptoms and cures.Some general questions about the topic to be dealt in pairs. an interesting activity everybody has always something to talk about.
--Homework: Workbook, pages 14,15,and 16. and the reading on student´s books, page 22.

Look ath this extraordinary footage of sharks eating a whale in South Africa.