Wednesday, April 15, 2009



This is very useful information to write a book/film review




short story


detective novel/detective story

love story

science fiction novel/story



main character




(Title) is a novel by (author).

(Title) was written by (author).

The story is about (topic).

The novel tells the story of (hero/topic).

(Title) tells of (hero), who ...

In (title) by (author), the reader is taken

into (place/time of story).

(Title) is the story of (hero/action/...)

(Title) is set in the period of (event).


As the story begins, during,while,as,when,since, as,just then,after, before,soon,

As soon as,one day/one evening,the following day,some time later,hours/months/years later,however,again,at this point,to his surprise,this incident is followed by,eventually, finally


- Writing. St.B, pg 73 Writing to a friend . We saw this activity in detail , the layout , content and special vocabulary to write an e-mail . I´m very intrsted in this actic¡vity because a composition based on it will be collected on Thursaday.

- Unit 7A: Famous fears and Phobias

- Reading and vocabulary: What are you afraid of : flying, close spaces, insects...? We rwent through the reading and completed with the words some celebrities are scared og. Then we found some words related to fear such as terrified, panicfrightened ...

- Grammar: Present perfect with FOR and SINCE, a really serious issue to cope with. .We did the activities related to the reading a completed with the date so that you could infer the beginning of the activity with since or the period of time with for. Grammar Bank on pg 138 with the rules and exercises and then your grammar book chapters 18 and 19 . these exercises have to be done for next Monday .

- Listening: an interview to someone who is scared of carts and the treatment he´s taking to overcome this phobia.

- Phonetics: practice with the sounds /I/ and /ai/ eg. live-life

-Speaking: An interview by asking questions with : how long have you lived here? , I´ve live sice since I was born / for 18 years. It took quite a long time becuse it´s a tricky structure and I wanted to fix it properly.

- Homework: St. book, pages 74 and 75 . what do you remember and what can you do?


Very few students came to class , so please ,remember that I´ve come back and expect everybody on thursday .

- Speaking: Pair work activity: one student has to describe his/her bedroom to the other by using prepositions, there is/ are and other structures. It was fun because you wanted to help with signs and in fact, more difficult than you expected.

- Grammar: the structure have something done, which is new for you.. Grammar Bank, pg,136 to see the rules and exerises and your grammar books ,unit 46,with more explanations.

- Vocabulary: shops .

- Grammar: it´s for -ing to say how sth works. eg. It´s sth for making holes. A drill

We had some practice with several objects .

- Speaking: Explaining what you want . Students a on page 117 , and student B on page 121.

- Writing: An informal letter/ e-mail on page 66. This activity is important , so you´ll have a composition about it to be handed next Monday.

-Homework: Revise and check, books page 67, grammar, unit 46 the exercises and remember the composition for next Monday .