Wednesday, May 06, 2009


This is beautiful legend . Click HERE to read and listen to it.

Alberto, but for your help with songs this blog would be a bore. Thanks so much!

- Homework: Grammar, unit 95 . Please do the previous units that have to do with relative clauses, that is 92,93 and 94
- Speaking: A topic related to the picture you described on Monday. Don´t be satisfied with a couple of sentences, it won´t be enough.
- Mistakes . A handout with mistakes from oral activities and compositions. Very common mistakes that can ruin any skill.
- Reading and speaking: St. B. pg 76 It´s all in the mind, about paranormal experiences.
- Listening: St. B. pg.77 . About telepathy and an experiment with a journalist.
- Homework: Workbook, pg 50,51,52 53 ,if there´s too much ,you can leave these exercises for the weekend.. Grammar ,units 92,93,94. I want these units to be done, please.