Tuesday, December 20, 2011



  • Speaking: Three students described photos

  • Grammar: Used to do/ to be used to doing. Exercises with links to work on the net.

  • Speaking: St.b.p. 30. Addictions : the Internet, shopping, gambling, coffee..

  • Listening: St.B.p. 30.Listen to four people whose ffriends or relatives are addicted to something. Say what they´re addicted to. Listen again and complete the sentences.

  • Grammar: Checking information. question Tags. St.b.p. 32. Listen and complete the dialogue. Grammar, unit 52.

  • Homework: Reading, St,B.p.30, 31 and grammar exercises ,unit 52.


  • Grammar:

  • Simple present tense. Review

  • Possessive adjectives

  • A/an and jobs

  • A/an. This /that

Term report: Students were given the marks of the first term.

  • Reading: When Natasha meets Darren. St.b.p. 18. Read the e-mails and complete the sentences. V