Friday, October 16, 2009


Remember that there is no class next Monday.
The supplementary classes start on Wednesday at 18,00 for the Basic Level.

Three students came to class late.As a result of this , they have to give me a note from their parents to make sure they know what happened . Underage students must bring parents´notes when they don´t come to class , arrive late or have to go out early. These are EOI rules.

- Homework:Grammar, unit 44 and I collected the compositions you had to do . Let me remind students from NB2C that they still have to do this assignment and I´ll collect them next Tuesday.
- Vocabulary: A crosswords on St.B. pg.6 and adjectives on Vocabulary Bank, pg 145.
- Reading: St. B. pg.6. "Who Knows you better, your Family or your friends?". Read out the first sections and answer questions on a. Read the rest of the article and do the True-False exercise.
- Grammar. St. 7. to comple some questions in the simple present tense. Grammar bank, pg 126 :rules and exercises about the simple present and Grammar books, units 5,6,7 to see the rules in more datail.
- Speaking. a pair work activity: Student A goes to pg 108 and student B goes to page 112. Ask question about the identity of the women chosen by Richard´s mother and Richard´s friend. Complete the chart.
- Listening: St.B. pg.7. richard talks about his dates with the two women. Note down the adjectives he uses to describe them and the problems he had with them.
- Homework: Grammar. Unit 5,6,7.

Homework: Grammar. Unit 1,2
- Grammar: I explained to you the differences between the simple present and the present continuous in units 3,4.
- Speaking. St.B. pg 8. 1B. "The Winner Takes it All" ,about the famous group ABBA. Y7our take in music, live performances, the Top 20, tunes and lyrics. Everybody has an opinion about music.This is not philosophy or science.
- Reading: pg8. Student A reads part one, while student B listens and takes notes and viceversa. Once done the activity you read it all and check the vocabulary .
- Listening: 9. Write the 7 questions a journalist ask ABBa in an interview . We didn´t have time to finish ,so next Wednesday we´ll start the class with this listening.
- Homework: A composition about National Stereotypes for Wednesday and Grammar,units 3,4,5.