Friday, October 02, 2009


Hi everybody! Believe it or not, that one with the orange T-Shirt is me diving inside a cave in the Red Sea.This is what I did practically during the summer, there ,in Egypt and other places on the Mediterranean coast. It´s an extraordinary sport I encourage you to take up if you enjoy water activities.

Scuba diving is popular, scuba diving is easy and scuba diving is fun. Scuba diving as outdoor recreation is gaining in popularity, while participation in other pastimes is diminishing. Why is scuba diving so popular?
Over 70% of the earth's surface is covered with water. The allure and mystery of the underwater world has inspired the human imagination since prehistory, from the mythological monsters described by seafaring people, to the science fiction of Jules Verne and the modern underwater adventures in Hollywood films. Breath-hold diving, dangerous though it can be, has been used to collect pearls, sponges and valuable commodities from the sea floor for many generations.
Advances in underwater exploration began nearly three centuries ago using diving bells and large cumbersome sealed suits using pumped air from the surface. Only very recently advances in technology and mechanics have allowed people to visit this domain safely for exploration using comfortable, self-contained air delivery systems.

Today, scuba diving is accessible to almost anyone with only a modest investment in equipment. Anywhere you want to dive you can usually find a dive shop near-at-hand to rent tanks, go on a guided dive with a master diver, take a chartered boat or just strap on the tanks and swim out from the shore.

NB2A/C and NI2E
Our first day of class! What expectation to meet your new classmates and teacher! Well, in spite of the fact that some classes are quite crowded I´m delighted to be with you this course.
In our first class I gave you basic information about the course ,books , rules to be followed and the flu. Students under 18 must contact me as I have to give you some important documents for your family to sign.
Remember to bring a photograph and also browse the EOI web page to check the books , grammars and interesting links to broaden your knowledge of the language.
After this long introduction you did an entry tests , just to check your level of English . I´ll try to have them marked by next week, but don´t expect miracles with so many students, it may take a little longer to get them ready.
Please, buy your books as soon as possible. Delays will always be a problem to follow the syllabus plans for the term.