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This novel was written by Armando Palacio Valdés. It was written in 1908. The novel tells the story of Laviana in the period of the industrialization.

This story is historical and it is true because the characters weren’t false.

I´ve chosen this book because it was the most important book written by Palacio Valdés and it was necessary for me. I work in the house where Palacio Valdés was born and “La Aldea Perdida” is the book I explain to the groups.


The theme of this novel is the change that Laviana had in the XX century. The author tells us how Laviana changes with the arrival of the mine.


La Aldea Perdida” takes place in a year. It begins in July and finishes in August with the Carmen Festivity . The places where the story is written are different towns of Laviana for example Carrio, Lorio, Entralgo, Canzana, etc.


As the story begins with the “rural world”. It means that in the first part of the story the author writes about the people’s lifestyle that live in rural towns. He describes the jobs, because people work in the countryside. They have animals and they plough their lands. He thinks people have the best lifestyle. For him this lifestyle is “La Arcadia Feliz”. During this period the love story between Nolo and Demetria develops. Nobody has problems and they are happy. Only there is a problem when a man has is in trouble with another man because they both love the same woman, they fight but they don’t use guns.

The second part of the story the author writes “the industrial world”. A mine named Coto Musel is opened in Laviana and foreign people come to live in these rural towns. Soon problems begin. The lifestyle is different. They work in the mines and the drink and smoke a lot. The have bad humour and shout. If the have problems the will use their guns. Pluton and Joyana were the miners who came to Coto Musel to work.

Finally Nolo and Demetria married and some time later in the Carmen Festivity the miners killed Demetria with a gun and she died.


There are a lot of characters but the protagonists are Nolo, Demetria, Plutón and Joyana. Nolo and Demetria are the characters who live a love story. Plutón and Joyana are the miners who kill Demetria because they are jealous of Nolo.


In my opinion I recommend this book because it is a book which tells a part of the history about our Mining Valley. Personally, I think People who live in Laviana must read this book. The best part of it is when Nolo and Demetria married and the worst when Demetria died.


The prisoner of Zenda

This book was written by Anthony Hope , its title is The Prisoner of Zenda.
I like reading adventure books and this book is a good example.
The story tells about a man who is crowned king without being so, the novel happens in Ruritania which is not a real country.
The protagonist is a man who lives in London, he is rich and he likes travelling.
One day he sees an article which tells “A new king for Ruritania”, and he goes there.
In 1733 Rudolf Elphberg visits London, he is the king of Ruritania son, the great-grandmother of our protagonist falls in love with Rudolf Elphberg and he falls in love with her but he goes back to Ruritania because his father has died and he never meets her again. He becomes king Rudolf the third.
Again in 1893 the protagonist “Rudolf Rassendyl” alter he visits different countries inEurope, he travels by train from Dresden to Zenda, this is a beautiful city with a big castle in Ruritania.
Once there he understands everything.
The future king of Ruritania is kidnapped by his brother, Rudolf Rassendyl who has a strong physical resemblance with the future king who is his cousin.
Rassendyl goes from Zenda to Strelsau that is the capital of Ruritania and place where the king will be crowned, finally Rassendyl becomes king.
Everyone thinks he is the true king prince Rudolf.
Another dark and bad character is Rudolf´s brother, The Duke Of Strelsau.
I like the story because it is very interesting for its action.
The best part for me is when the protagonist knows that he is cousin of the future king.
It is a good book for people who are learning Basic English.
25th February
We had the recording of the video clips in class.
Homework: Grammar, unit 45, have sth done, wk.p 41,42
Reading: St.B.p. 64 .Understanding signs.
Reading: St.B.p.65 .Shopping in London with questions about the reading.
Listening: St.B.p. 65 Shopping . Questions and complete the gaps exercises . Prices.
Writing: St.B.p. 66. An informal letter with the layout , useful language, tips for writing and the plan.
Speaking: St.B.p.68."Animals and People" Their relation to animals , those they like most, the ones they´re most afraid of, the one that makes the best pet, insects...
Vocabulary: St.B.p. 154. Vocabulary Bank: parts of animals, their babies and more animals.
Homework: A composition for next Thursday, St.B.p.67 and a set of photocopies about "have sth done.
Thank you ALBERTO PINTOS for this song. you´re of a great help and I wish many of my students followed your example