Tuesday, January 26, 2010


-The book is a love story and the characters of this book are a daughter, her mother and the boy the daughter likes .the write doesn´t say anything about the father. The mother of the daughter plays the guitar with a group of friends, but when her daughter was born she stops playing because the daughter was born deaf, and this made her very sad.Looking one day by the window the girl falls in love with a boy that is putting fruit in the shop window, but a few minutes later she is sad because she thinks he doesn´t love her because the two lived in separate worlds, that is the reason of title of the book "Different worlds". As well she thinks he doesn´t understand her because he isn´t deaf and all her friends are deaf. But after a time they begin to communicate and they fall completely in love , and he teaches her to play the batery.


This is the story of Count Dracula, a very cruel man who lives in Transylvania, and who kills many people which his sharp eye-tooth, and then people are becoming vampires day by day.
All hapenes when Jonathan Harker, a lawyer who lives in London, receives a letter from Count Dracula because he wantes to buy a house near London, and Jonathan decides go to Transylvania to see the Count Dracula to negotiate with him.
After a long travel Jonathan comes to Count Dracula castle, firstly he hopes that everything is monstruos, but nothing happens, however two nights later a lot of things begin to happen in the castle.
One night he discoveres in the basement of the castle three beautiful women who have long sharp eye-tooth, red lips, and they want them to kiss Jonathan, but he in that moment he doesn”t know that the girls are vampires.
But the Count is very strange because he wakes up in the night, and when is arriving at break of day he is sleeping until the next night in a strange kind of box, so Jonathan investigates and discovers that the women he has seen the night before are victims of the Count.
Finally his wife´s (Mina) best friend has been killed, and Dracula is the main suspicious, and is in that moment when Jonathan and his wife want revenge, and soon after Draculas sleeping in his tomb they took sharp stakes and hammered then trough the Count´s heart and cut off his head, and in the end Dracula dies for ever and in the tomb there is only dust.
Homework: Wk.p.30
Reading: St.B.p. 40. Section 4A . "From Rags to Riches" about amancio Ortega. Pronunciation mistakes were checked on the blackboard. The questions of the reading were also answered.
Vocabulary: St.B.p.150. clothes and verbs related to them such as take off, try on and the position of the object, e.g. try on this sweater, try this sweater on, try it on. Test your partner .
Phonetics: St.B.p. 40 Sounds like shirt. clothes, blouse,suit .the words were pronounced and classified under each phonetic symbol.
Speaking: A pair work activity about clothes and tenses.
Listening: St.B.p.41 Three people interviewed about Zara stores. Complete the chart with the information. Once done it we read and listened to the script.
Grammar: Present perfect and simple past. St.B.p. 41 and Grammar bank, p.132 .Only the rules were seen
Speaking: St.B.p. 41 "Have you ever done somthing?" to start a conversation and the simple past to ask for details. there was no time to finish this activity , on Thursday we´ll start with it.
Homework: Get the speaking ready, Grammar, unit 17 about the present perfect and the simple past and also a handout, a review of the different kinds of expressing the future with their answers.
Homework: St.B.p. 51 a review of unit 1. A photocophy about must and can´t for deductions.
Writing: Telling a story. St.B.p. 50 . We saw this activity in detail because a composition must come out of it. questions about the composition, adverbs to make it more vivid and linking words.
We focussed on the tenses (all past tenses) and the structure in paragraphs. the composition should be ready for February 4th . A photocopy with connectors, focussing on story telling.
An activity called "Broken sentences 1 and 2" to put connectors into practice by matching sentences which made sense.
A guided writing to do in groups of three. No one knew what their classmate had written before and the final result was hilarious.
Listening: A beautiful song "Stand by me"
Homework: wk.p. 30,31,32
Grammar, unit 29 may ,might for possibility.