Monday, February 22, 2010



*For both my NB2 and NI2 students .You must register between February, 22nd and March,19th to be able to do your final tests (CERTIFICACION) . Check for more details.

* For my NB2A students, on Thursday I´ll bring my camera to class and record you , so get a good smile ready and rehearse your lines.

Homework: Well, not many of you did your homework ,so we did it in class.
Grammar: I carried on with the explanations of comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs
, grammar ,units 89,90 and also did some activities from a handout I gave you last week. If you don´t have it, please, check the blog because it here.
Speaking : An activity using comparatives and the "" and "not"
Listening: St.B. p. 45 . Four people speaking about the kind of activities the do more or less than before and their reasons.
Homework: Grammar, units 89,90 exercises and workbook,p. 35,36.

There were three students who hadn´t done their speaking test yet . While they were getting it ready, the rest of the class did a reading activity on St.B.p. 63 , activity B. about "Feng Shui". You had a speaking, pair work activity summarising a specific section of the reading. Prepositions on St.B.p. 62, with the difference between over-on,opposite-in front of.., then another speaking activity describing your to your partner. This was a lot of fun because you had to do it back to back. after that a listening on St.B.p. 61 "Guess which room they decorated..." A long activity which took time till the end of the class.
Homework: Grammar, unit 70,71 aboyt countable and uncountable nouns and the use of the articles.