Thursday, April 15, 2010


Homework: Grammar, unit 87,89 ,about quantifiers.
Grammar: More quantifiers, grammar, units 90, 91
Speaking: For and against debate. It wasn´t a proper debate but I was quite satisfied as the three students who came did their job quite satisfactorily.
Reading and vocabulary: St.B.p. 76 "It´s all in the mind", about paranormal experiences with words such as faith-healer, clairvoyant, telepathy.
Speaking: St.b.p. 76 . We spoke about our experiences in the topic and I must say that some of them were a bit scary.
Listening: St.B.p. 77 ,about telepathy. An experiment with a woman who has to decribe a picture she can´t see but somebody tells her what´s about. a summary of the listening, a paragraph with mistakes to correct and some questions.
Homework: Reading: St.b.p.78 also about telepathy. grammar ,units 90,91 and here you have some extra exercises on quantifiers.