Wednesday, October 27, 2010


  • Homework: Report the interview. Wk.p. 7,9.
  • Vocabulary: Review St.B.p. 145. The media (1)
  • Grammar: A handout which Herminio gave me. It´s about question formation and we saw it in detail.
  • Grammar, unit 49. More questions and exercises for homework.
  • EO. Interview with a celebrity. ST:B:Student A.p.114, St:B.p. 119. a role play : one is a journalist who wants to take out personal information and the other is the celebrity who refuses to give out any details.
  • Vocabulary: ST.B.p. 145. The media (2) TV and radio. word pronunciation, meanings, differences e.g. channel ,station, and passage to be filled in. Test your partner.
  • EO: St.B.p. 11 TV and radio. Interview your classmate . Use the specific vocabuly of the topic.
  • CO. St.B.p.11. Listen to six speakers and tick the topics that are being discussed. Rank them in the order they appear and also say whether the speaker agrees or disagrees with the statement.
  • Homework: Grammar, chapter 49, study the new vocabulary, wk, p. 8.
  • Homework: review of short answers. A photocopy :what´s his/her name?, what´s his/her address?...
  • The difference between his/her, he/his, she/her. whith examples on the whiteboard.
  • EO: Identities with names and nationalities to practise :what´s your name?, what´s his name, where´s he from?
  • CO : A video in which students from different countries introduce themselves to other students. Complete a grid with names and nationalities.
  • EO. A powerpint with a drawing of an open air party with 11 people . More practice about names and nationalities.
  • Book, Section 1C." His name, her name". St.B.p. 8. CO. Mario goes to ireland to study English . He´s interviewed . Write down the answers and complete the form. CO: Listen again and write the receptionist questions.
  • Homework: Study the contractions: I´m, You´re, he´s ... and the new vocabulary.