Monday, November 29, 2010


Here you can find a lot of information about UK. Please have a look at it, it´s interesting and you´ll learn without noticing.
  • Homework: Grammar, units 38,39,40,114,115. As the grammar book has the answers, only doubts were dealth with. Speaking: Private or public medicine? To my disappointment very few students has the speech ready . I repeat, this is one of the most common topics that can come out in Certificación, so if you don´t work with the ideas and their way of expressing them, you´ll certainly be in trouble.
  • EO:Describing a photo. We saw in great detail the techniques to describe photos, logical order of description, language used and to make youlselves understood .
  • EO. A power point with more ideas and lots of photos to practise.
  • EE: Describe one photo of the power point with the information provided.
  • EO: Student Book p. 24 "Do you want to be young for ever?" fout photos with people who look a lot younger that they are.
  • CO: St.B.p. 24. An interview with doctor Weeks who talks about the main factors "superyoung" people share. Write down two factors that aren´t important. Complete the statements.
  • Vocabulary: ST.B.p. 24. Word building. Abstract words. e.g.freedom, beauty,confidence...
  • Homework: Describe a set of photos from the power point with all the notes you have. I want it very well done. Workbook, p,14,15,16.


I´m very sorry I forgot to write yesterday´s post.

  • Homework: Workbook.p. 11,12.
  • I told you about the Christmas party and the trip to San Francisco.
  • Grammar: Simple present. third person singular illustrated with a power poin. Say sentences and write them.
  • CL: St.B. p. 16. "Typically British?" We read the test and saw the statement in simple present, affirmative and negative.Vocabulary which was new.
  • Grammar Bank, St.B.p. 124 :rules and exercises in affirmative and negative. A photocopy : simple present: I and you.
  • Homework: Workbook ,p. 13, study the new verbs, a photocopy of the simple present and another one dealing with the third person singular.