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Maldives are formed by a number of natural atolls plus atolls in the form of a few islands and isolated reefs today which form a pattern stretching from 7 degrees 10' North to 0 degrees 45' South.

The Maldives is a long and narrow country formed by 26 natural atolls. Some atolls are in the form of a number of islands by time and in the form of isolated reefs, which could be classified as smaller atoll formations. All land above the surface in the Maldives is of coralline origin. The atolls of the Maldives form a quite regular chain and, especially in the northern and central atolls, an arrayed structure is apparent. There are broad and deep channels in between some atolls.

Owing to the many beautiful diving grounds of the numerous atolls of the Maldives, this country has been marketed as a prime destination for scuba divers worldwide. Hence, during the last couple of decades many guides and maps of the best diving spots have been published and some of them are very accurate and give a wide array of useful hints.

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I had a funeral to attend ,so I agreed with the students to have on Wednesday the hour I lost on Monday. Next wednesday will be from 16 to 18,30.
  • Homework: chapters 5,6,15,16.
  • EO: Description of a photo. Mistakes were checked on the board.
  • Phonetics: St.B.p. 38. Regular past tenses pronunciation. rules, examples and the exercise in the book. Irregular past tenses: classify a list of verbs.
  • CO. St.B.p. 38. Story telling. Listen to Andy telling Liz a story. Note down the main events of the action, then the objects. Listen to the story for several times and retell the story. Listen to Liz and write the expressions she says in the chart( surprise agreeing...)
  • Grammar and CL: A story to complete with the correct past tenses: simple past, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous.
  • Homework: another story to complete with the appropriate tenses and workbook, p, 24,25,26.
  • Grammar and vocabulary test. Unit 2
  • Listening test. Unit 2.
  • Vocabulary: a power point about adjetcives ,focussing on its position. Listen, repeat say sentences with adjectives and write them. St.B.p. 28. USA quiz .e.g. The White House, fast food, yellow taxis.
  • Grammar Bank. St.B.p. 126. rules and exercises about adjectives. Grammar, unit 85 (86) the first two sections.
  • Homework: Study and write sentences with the adjectives.