Thursday, February 24, 2011


Recycling tips 2
Ideas for recycling household waste in the garden:
• Aluminium trays from pies and cakes make ideal 'drip saucers' to put under pot plants.
• Old tyres can be used outside for plant pots - especially good for plants that like warm soils as they trap the heat.
• The following waste items can be modified and used for planting seedlings:
o Egg cartons
o Tetra-pak cartons
o Plastic bottles
o Plastic containers for cherry tomatoes
o Plastic icecream containers.
• Broken crockery can be used as drainage at the bottom of pot plants.
• Tin cans can be used as:
o Water reservoirs for new plants and trees.
• Old newspapers (including those gathered from your friends) can be used to mulch and weed control the garden. Wet newspaper and place thickly on the garden. Cover with bark or stones.
• Plastic milk bottles can be used to hold snail bait and are pet proof.
• Old stockings can be used to tie up plants in the garden.
• Plastic icecream containers can be cut into strips for seed labels.
Ideas for recycling organic/garden waste:
• If you've done any trimming of trees and hedges, contact the local Zoo to see if they can use these for their animals, either as food or environment improvement.
  • Homework: Grammars: units 99,106 ,about adjectives.
  • Speaking: three students made their speeches based on photos.
  • Reading: test for Certificación. Checked and marked in class.
  • The listening wasn´t done because I had forgotten the memory stick at home and was unable to open the file from the PC. Sorry!!!
  • Writing: Describing people. Pages 2,3,4 from the "tocho" with the guidelines to follow.
  • Homework: Wk.p. 30,31,33,34,35. Check the answers at home and ask what you haven´t understood in class.


  • Workbook: grammar, unit 103
  • Vocabulary: review of dates. Write and say them.
  • Reading: Fascinating Festivals. St.B.p. 34. Read and match . Answer the questions: where is it?, when si it?, what do they throw?
  • Phonetics: St.B.p. 34 :the sound of mother, and thanks and p. 33 the sound of hospital , house.
  • Reading: St.B.p.35. Times you Love. Read the article and complete Carla´s answers with some sentences.
  • Reading test.
  • Listening test.
  • Homework: St.B.p. 38,39. Remember to write a composition: describe your family and bring a photo.

We´ll have a grammar exam next Tuesday (unit 3)