Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Recycling tips 3
Ideas for recycling other items:
• Old or broken household goods such as toasters, transistor radios can be used by others for parts. Sell them cheaply at a garage sale.
• Carry a supermarket bag with you when you go walking so that you can pick up glass, litter or other plastic bags.
• Wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, and boxes can be used to wrap someone else's presents.
• Recycle jars by using them for home preserves.
• Ice cream containers can be reused around the home in a number of ways:
o Storing food in the freezer
o As a container for toys, crayons, clothes pegs
o Biscuit container
• An upside down bottle with small holes in the top can be used to provide water for your pets while you are on holiday.
• Stronger plastic bottles can be used to hold tools and nails etc in the shed. Simply cut three sides and leave one side longer and nail to the wall in the shed.
• Old furniture, clothes, kitchen gear, and bedding are always wanted by charities.

General tips for recycling and avoiding rubbish:
• Buy a smaller rubbish container for the kitchen. This makes you to remember to recycle.
• Make sure bottles and tins are clean before putting in the recycling bin. This prevents flies both at home and the recycling station.
• Reorganise the kitchen so it has an efficient recycling area with good sized bins to help with sorting and holding. This will encourage other members of the household to contribute and help share the work instead of it being reliant on one person.
• Cutting both the tops and the bottoms off tin cans (and placing them inside) and squashing them makes them smaller to fit into the recycling bin.
• Spread the word. By telling other people and helping them to get started, we increase the savings that can be made. Also get your children involved – if we can educate them early, they will grow up and appreciate waste reduction and will be able to apply these skills in later life.
  • Test: unit 3, answers.
  • Listening for Certicicación
  • Writing: finish the set of exercises about descriptions of people.
  • Homework: A composition describing someone you know to be handed 9th March,Wednesday. Grammar, unit 41 (I wish)
  • Homework: St.B.p. 38,39.
  • Grammar test, unit 3. It was checked and marked in class.
  • Reading: Unit 4A "I can´t dance". St.B.p. 40. Read the ad .Questions about it.
  • Listening: Listen to three people and write their names next to what they can/can´t do.
  • Speaking: Can you sing? Yes, I can/ no, I can´t.
  • Phonetics: St.B.p. 40 Strong and weak forms of can in affermatives (I can_ sing), in negatives (I can´t dance) and interrogatives (what_can you do?/ can you dance?)
  • Vocabulary: verb phrases. Vocabulary Bank, St.B.p. 149. Verb phrases like look for my keys, wait for my friends.. were matched with the pictures and pronounced. Test your partner. One covers the verbs and the other asks by saying the numbers.
  • Homework: workbook, p.28,29,30,31