Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Here´s a very good link about GLOBAL WARMING.Please,read it and do the activities.

  • Homework: Just three students has sent me the book review. I urgently need the others for next Monday

  • Grammar: Infinitives and gerunds. St.b.p. 84. Grammar Bank, St.B.p. 140, rules and exercises and a set of exercises with some explanations to do for homework.

  • Listening: St.b.p. 85. A radio programme called Crimebusters. answer questions, true-false statements and listen and fill with a specific word.

  • Vocabulary: Economical with the truth. St.b.p. 88. complete the statments with one word..Discuss the statements.e.g. "I haven´t told any lies but I have been very economical with the truth".

  • Speaking: In pairs discuss the questions in the blue box.

  • Phonetics: St.b.p. 90. words with the sound like in part, both,day, they.

  • Homework: INFINITIVES AND GERUNDS , get a photo description ready.

    Sorry, there´s a page which I scanned wrongly. the answers are in number 38

  • NB1A/B

  • Homework: wk.pp. 44,45. Review of irregular verbs.

  • Grammar and speaking : irregular verb formation. Review. Regular and irregular verbs. To have more practice ,go back to posts dated 11 and 13 of April

  • Unit 5C. " Girl´s night out".St.b.p. 56 . Vocabulary: have, get, go. St.B.p. 150. Match the expressions with the drawings and then test your partner.

  • Reading: St.B.p. 56. Three women going out in different countries. Match the questions to the passage. Read and complete the chart with questions about the reading.

  • Speaking: pair work. Ask questions and give short answers with the previous exercise. e.g. did Sabina wear a dress? No, she didn´t.

  • Grammar: complete the list with an irregular verb. Listen and repeat.

  • Listening: Listen to the third woman going out in Rio. Answer the questions in section C.

  • Homework: Grammar, unit 12 (13) did I?,I didn´t. Study the irregular verbs and the vocabulary on page 150 (have, get,go)