Monday, January 09, 2012


This photo was taken in a diving in Tenerife last Christmas. You´ll notice that these are volcanic rocks. They´re impressive breath taking and beautiful.

  • Vocabulary: Parts of a car: a photocopy I give you before Christmas and St.b.p. 149. Test your partner.

  • Speaking: St.B.p. 36. Questions like "What can you put in the boot of your car?, what´s the steering wheel for?" Talk about your ideal car and the cars you don´t like. Give reasons.

  • Reading: St.B.p.36. Read and order two mixed-up stories about awful car journeys. Read the passages. Mistakes checked on the board.

  • Grammar: Narrative tenses. St.B.p. 36. Classify the verbs of the story. Grammar Bank. St.b.p. 134. Rules and exercises.

  • Phonetics. -ed regular past verbs. Listen and classify the verbs you hear.

  • Listening: A story. St.b.p. 38. Take notes and retell the story.

  • Homework: English Grammar in Use. Units 5,6,15,16


  • We checked the exercises you had to for for homework at Christmas.

  • Reading: St.b.p. 20 An artist and a musician. Read and meanings of words. Match the questions with the answers.

  • Vocabulary: St.B.p.20. What does he do? he´s a pilot/what do they do? they´re lawyers. Grammar Bank, St.B.p. 144. Listen, repeat and test your partner.

  • Grammar: St.b.p. 21. A/an. Complete witha/an/-. He´s a builder, they´re nurses.

  • Phonetics: St.B.p. 21. Consonant sounds like parrot,flower, chess,jazz,yatch,singer.

  • Homework: workbook, section 2C

Here you have some activities for beginners
Videos: food

Videos: jobs

Videos: drinks

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