Wednesday, March 07, 2012



  • Homework: Vocabulary about politics, a set of exercises about linking words.

  • Vocabulary: Houses and decoration. St.b.p. 153. A slide about different types of houses. Quiz about houses on St.b.p. 60.

  • Speaking: Describe the rooms on page 61 using the vocabulary of page 153. What would you change to make more comfortable?

  • Listening: St.B.p. 61. Guess which room they decorated. A note taking exercise. Who said these things?

  • Grammar: Have something done. She had her house decorated. English Grammar in Use, chapter 46

  • Homework: A reading for certificación, grammar, chapter 46.


  • Homework: Grammar review unit 3.pp. 38,39

  • Reading: Fascinating Festivals. St.B.p. 34,35

  • Phonetics. Words like mother, this, they and words like think, fifth,birthday

  • Reading and listening: Times you love: what´s your favourite month, season, day of the week...?. St.B.p. 35. Read the article and complete the answers . Listen to two people talk and complete the chart. Cristina from Spain and Udom from Thailand

  • Reading exam. (NB1A)

  • Listening exam. Exercises. Audio (NB1A)

  • Grammar: Time prepositions : at, in ,on.

  • Speaking: Daily routines

  • Homework: Unit 3 grammar and vocabulary test with answers.