Wednesday, May 09, 2012


  • Homewok: A composition about Sam in Italy.
  • Grammar: Simple past. Handout p.19,20. rules and examples.
  • Speaking: Sam in Italy. Tell your classmate the story and add more information.
  • Vocabulary: St.b.p. 150. Have, go, get. e.g. have lunch, get to work, go away.. Test your partner
  • Reading: St.b.p. 56. Girls´ night out .Read the article and match the questions to the women´s answers . Complete the chart of who wore a dress?. Simple past irregular verbs.
  • Listening: St.B.p. 57. Order the questions in section C and listen to the third speaker. Where was she? Answer the questions.
  • Homework: Handout p.19,20. Workbook, section 5C. St.B.p. 57 A night out.. Write about a night you went out .