Thursday, November 22, 2007

A feeling of disappointment came over me when I marked yesterday´s papers : some of you didn´t even have a glimpse of the glossary of units 1 and 2 that it took me so long to write. You fail to understand that once you´ve passed these short tests , you won´t have to do them again . I don´t want your life to be a misery with loads of words and expressions to learn, so take good note of these words and don´t moan when it´s too late. Answers were checked and doubts were solved. Those of you who didn´t come on Thursday will have the opportunity to see them on Monday when the class is over.

I was so involved with the listening activity that I simply forgot about the speeches three volunteers had to make. We´ll leave it for next Monday. The listening that drew my attention so much was a very interesting one where we had to make out some noises , note them down and retell a story. It was long but worth your while since the aim of the activity was going to be easily reached: a guided composition with linking words to express time sequences. Be very careful and do it very well because it´s one of the most important aims for this year: to be able to write a story in a logical, coherent way.
Homework: Grammar book, page 65, numbers 12,13,14 and 15 and the compositions to be handed next Thursday.
You can see a giant clam or Tridacna maxima .In spite of its size, it´s a peaceful , harmless animal that needs a lot of light since symbiotic zooxanhellae are hosted within . It can be kept in aquariums. What wraps the clam is the salad coral Turbinaria mesenterina.