Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I´d like to make some remarks about the speeches you made yesterday:

  • List all your ideas.

  • Think about the content of the speech, that is, the main ideas you´re going to talk about.

  • Check if the information is relevant , interesting and attractive to the audience.

  • Express them in a logical , coherent way setting first the idea and illustrating it with a clear development and examples.

  • Give a conclusion to the topic .

  • You can have your basic ideas noted down , but not the whole speech. Just a few words to remind you of the idea you´re going to mention.
Remember you should use vocabulary and structures and length of the speech according to the level . Above all: bear in mind that the more you practice in the class the more possibilities you´ll get to succeeed. Don´t wait till the third term to make "the big effort" , it´ll be too late.

We first worked with a handout about banks, buying, selling and paying : everyday words and expressions related to this topic. Although it may seem though and boring , it´s extremely useful when it comes to travelling or living in an English speaking country. Then we had a listening activity: two couples arguing about wasting money in useless gadgets.

For those who didn´t come to class last Thursday ,we checked again the story telling writing. This time it was focussed on your workbooks, pages 18 and 19 .The aim is to write a composition telling the story about the businessman´s daughter.

For Wednesday ,write sentences with the new vocabulary and in your workbooks , page 15,do exercises 5, 6 and 7 .

The green coral of the picture, is commonly named salad coral ,Turbinaria mesenterina. I was ashonished the firt time I saw it because it really looked like lettuce. Like most corals, it lives in shallow waters because it needs a lot of ligh. Lots of tiny organisms live within its polyps.The giant clam usually lives built-in .