Wednesday, November 07, 2007


At last I know how this works! With the help and patience of both my son Juan , and my husband, I´ve finally managed to learn to work with this blog. I was too busy with my duties at Langreo EOI and also too lazy to cope with new technology ; however , I find it useful for those students who can´t come to class regularly . With a quick look at the blog you´ll be able to know what has been done in class and the homework for the following session, so there´s no excuse for you to come with your assigment undone.
So, to start with , there´s going to be a listening comprehension on 15th November and also a grammar and vocabulary test (units 1 and 2) on 21st November. For those who are already panicking because dates don´t match their schedules, talk to me and we´ll try and reach another date. I´ll let you know those that are compulsory , that is , everybody must do them since they are basic tests for each term.
Today we checked some grammar exercises on page 33 numbers 5,6,7 and 9.Then we dealt with formal and informal registers in letter writing (student´s book ,page 23 ) A letter to a penfriend with parallel structures .
You are to hand me in a composition about the same topic on 14th November.
After that ,there was a listening exercise about parents and children.
Homework for Thursday: Grammar ,page 34 numbers 8,10 and 11.
We won´t have class on Monday 12th November because of a very interesting play in La Casa de la Cultura in La Felguera at 19,00. It´s for all levels. Before, at 16,00 at the EOI , a film "The Queen" . so, you are all invited to both events.

As you know I love diving, the picture above was taken last July in the Red Sea.