Friday, November 09, 2007


Yesterday´s class was a good one: some homework was checked (grammar, page 34 numbers 8,10 and 11), then a listening comprehension was carried out . It was about families , as the title of unit 2 suggests and the remaining time was devoted to oral activities: Family Values . I found this particular activity very useful, since it dealt with the procedures of organising a speech , the logical sequence of ideas, how to support them and how to present them to an audience. First groups of four were made, them they were split in pairs and finally each student had to talk about one of the topics , after all that previous practice.
As there´s going to be a film and later a play next Monday, for Wednesday let me remind you that I hope to collect an informal letter and also you should have your speech ready for that date.
Learning is a very personal, intimate process. If you are really motivated ,you´ll reach your goal; if you aren´t, however hard I can try to help you, nothing will be achieved, since all depends on you.
Remember that teachers are "information suppliers" , and that your job is to process that input in the most satisfactory way. Be responsible of your own learning.
The fish of the image is a Clown fish, Yes, the one that starred Nemo. Its scientic name is Amphiprion bicinctus . They usually live in couples in symbiosis with anemones and they are also very territorial.