Tuesday, November 20, 2007


On Monday the class went according to plan : Your statments about vocabulary ,expressions and metaphors were checked . I pointed out some wrong uses . After that ,you were given your compositions and listenings already marked and I wrote on the blackboard the most common mistakes I found . You worked in groups and worked them out. Although it took time , it was useful since you became aware of lots of things learnt inappropriately. Chew it over and digest it , so next time you´ll handle them more effectively in your compositions. Later on, some grammar: uses of the articles. The book , page 27, was the starting point : two humorous exercises to be filled in and checked by means of a listening. We moved on to the grammar book , pages 62,63 and 64 and saw their formation and uses. I must admit it´s long , but not too dificult . It´s basically a matter of practice .
A test is going to be held on Wednesday: units 1 and 2 (grammar and vocabulary) . Don´t dream of spending the whole class with it. I want to see some sayings (page 28) related to money with weak forms and expressions (page 29) to do with the same topic.
For homework , three of you will gladly make a speech based on activity number 5, page 26. Just pick up one topic and develop it as you were told in previous classes. There will also be some exercises of your workbook : page 14, numbers 1,2,3, and 4 .
Today´s photograph is a beautiful one because of the striking contrast of the intense red of the starfish and the white coral. In spite of looking idyllic , the starfish is eating the coral. Don´t trust them!: they are voracious predators . In massive quantities they can become a plague as with the crown-of-thorns starfish , Acanthaster planci ,who has no natural enemies and it´s destroying corals in the Great Coral Reef in Australia.