Sunday, November 18, 2007


The results of your listenings weren´t as bad as you thought they would. I felt worried about a couple of them since I had expected a better performance.Speak up magazines are available in the English Department for those interested in these kind of activies.
As far as the compositions is concerned ,there´s a lot to say: some were genuine ,well structured ,good vocabulary and organised ideas following the stated pattern; however, I smelt a rat in others : may be some extra help of any kind. We´ll see next Monday.
We saw then vocabulary, expressions and metaphors relating movement of people to water and ideas to food. With a listening activity to practise it.
For Monday you have to write sentences about this vocabulary , unit 3 (pages 25 and 26).
We´ll start checking the sentences related to vocabulary . Then ,three of you will give a short speech about families ,as agreed. Later I´d like to deal with the most common mistakes I found in your compositions. I won´t be telling you how to sort them out , you´ll do it in groups. After that some grammar about the use of articles .
I´d like to point out that the development of communicative skills is the main aim of teaching a language. Some grammar knowledge is obviously necessary and for this purpose I´ll provide you with the basic resources to work on your own. You should work grammar at home this way:
- You already have your grammar and workbook, I hope.
- In the EOI website ,there´s a very useful section:
EOI Recursos Inglés
You´ll be able to read newspapers, do grammar exercises, listenings and a wide range of varied activities to develop your skills. I´ll be ready to help you whenever you need me.
Remember that practice leads to progress.
In the foreground of the picture you can see the Fire coral ,Millepora dichotoma, never touch it , as I said . I did once , not on purpose ,and I still regret it . Below there´s and ugly and also very dangerous fish, the Stone fish, Synanceia verrucosa. In addition to being ugly it is also very poisonous : It remains still,very quiet ,near plants, rocks or on the sand and when touched by a poor fish or an ignorant, fool diver , it injects a very lethal poison located in its back spines.It can cause severe pain and even death if not given medical attention within two hours.