Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Here we are again after Christmas holidays , celebrations and good resolutions for the New Year .I hope you have refilled your tanks with plenty of energy and stamina for the new term,which is going to be long.

We started unit 5 , titled Ritual , that is , not only religious ceremonies , but also ways of behaving in certain situations ,for instance an exam or a competition.
To start with, we did an exercise based on football vocabulary: score, match, team...Some questions to be filled with these words and oral practice with the same questions : some football supporters in the class were interviewed . We went on with a reading passage The Sugar Mouse Ritual .Students read out, pronunciation and vocabulary were checked and some ritualistic situations were dealt with in pairs: personal rituals before exams , a job interview , a trip and so on.

After that , we did a gap filling activity with the -ing form and the to-infinitive: two supporters talking about their football experiences .A listening activity to check it and rules about verbs with different meanings were inferred .

For Thursday you have an oral activity: exercise number 4 ,page 43. Remember that perfection is reached through practice.

The picture today is one of a brain coral, because it has channels that look very much like the folds of human brains. It can live up to 200 years in warm waters. They have tentacles to catch food during the day and at night ,they wrap them around the folds and channels for protection.They are lovely.