Monday, December 17, 2007


The first term exams are over and I´d like to point out that some of you have to take it more seriously, otherwise you may be in trouble in the future. All of you know that the third term exams are the most significant ones. However , if you haven´t done well with your vocabulary,for instance, the previous terms, it will be too hard for you to do in May. So, please, make some New Year´s resolutions and start working hard from January on.
In the meantime I wish you Merry Christmas the best luck and happiness for the New Year.

Look at this beautiful moray. The dorsal fin of the moray goes from behind the head, along the back and it gives them their snake-like appearance. As their eyes are rather small; morays rely on their developed sense of smell, lying in wait to ambush their prey.
The body of the moray is patterned for camouflage
.Their jaws are wide .Having large teeth, designed to tear flesh, they are capable of making severe wounds to humans,if disturbed.They are said to be aggressive and ill-tempered. However I´ve seen lots of them and I can say that they are rather shy and will only attack in self-defense. They eat other fish ,crustaceans and mollusks. They are usually hidden in crevices and wait there untill the prey is close, then they attack. A useful and practical tip: Don´t touch anything, however colorful it can look, enjoy nature but don´t interfere in it.