Wednesday, January 16, 2008


State and action verbs was the subject of the first set of activities. The theory was seen in your grammar , unit 1, page 10 and examples were given. This was the starting point for an oral pair work activity in a handout: present and past routines with used to and would , also get used to doing. We also dealt with annoying habits with will and the present continuous in your books , page 48 , nº 1. I gave you some extra exercises with answers on the matter.
Wedding rituals on page 40, activity 1. We spoke about different rituals in weddings in Spain : the rice, the gold coins, the bouquet and also the difference with American weddings. A listening about the same topic on page 49 , nº2 and specific vocabulary:bride,groom,witness...
Homework: grammar ,chapter 1, page 10 execise nº7 and chapter 2, page 36 nº13,14 and 15.
Sorry, I have no time for fish today, I´m in a rush.