Thursday, January 17, 2008

Homework: grammar, chapter 1, page 10 , number 7 was checked and we devoted time to speak about Annoying Habits , friends, family ,workmates who can make your life a misery , with will and the present continuous.
The The big Day , an oral activity ,book, page 49 , in the Anecdote section , was dealt in depth since it´s an interesting topic and there´s always something to say, either for or against. Specific vocabulary and expressions related to weddings , both in the Language Tool Box and the glossary was seen. Then a listening exercise about Arranged Marriages , a very controversial topic. 4A students complained about its difficulty, but it wasn´t that much. We went little by little and got all the answers right. Anyway the third time it was played students had the script at sight to understand everything.
Homework: Workbook, page 29 numbers 1,2 and 4 . Grammars ,unit 1 ,numbers 14 and 15 and finally ,if you don´t feel very tired and fancy working a bit more, the glossary exercises.