Friday, January 25, 2008


There was no homework ,so we started unit 6 Digital ,an interesting topic as practically everybody has a mobile phone, works with a PC or knows what a webcam is.
Text Messaging is a reading about facts related mobile phones and the reasons people have to use them. We checked the vocabulary with the glossary and filled the blanks with the expressions in a box above. Afeter that, we all talked about our own personal reasons : to keep in touch with friends, for work, for an emergency..
An entertaining activity about decoding messages ,difficult at first (at least for me) but once you´ve read it out , it´s more phonetic and easier to understand.
For instance: hate becomes h8, for= 4, what=wot and so on. We had some practice writing TXT messages to classmates.
A listening activity in your workbooks page 32 about webcams. First you had to number the pictures in the order there were mentioned,and there were also some true-false statements to do. We talked about the usefulness of webcams, if you have one and where you know they are located.
Two vocabulary exercises dealing with technology ,to be more precise with computers and words which have been given a new meaning . Number 3 on page 34 and number 4 on page 35.
For homework: The reading passage in your books ,page 53 and workbook page 32 ,numbers 1,2 and three.

This picture above shows what you can see from the water inside the lake. It´s magnificent! Look at the reflection of the sky and the person who is holding the rope which serves as a guide. Getting lost inside a frozen lake in nothing to laugh at.