Wednesday, January 23, 2008


We went through unit 5 glossary and did all the vocabulary exercises , then those students who hadn´t done their speech about weddings, had the chance to do it. Remember you all must take active part in the oral activities, that´s why I devote so much time to the development of this skill.
Then we had a guided writing : complaining about a faulty product or service.You were given a handout in which someone complains about a pair of shoes with the stitching undone . We saw the formal expressions to show disatisfaction and and legal action to take , full refund and compensation in detail. This is IMPORTANT , you know what I mean .You´ll have to hand me in a letter of complaint by next Wednesday/Thursday. After that ,there was a listening about the past called A time I was Happy where five speakers recall a happy time in their lives.
For homework I gave you another handout with the clues to write a letter of complaint . Just follow the ideas and write them down in a formal register. Start thinking about it, don´t do it in haste, please.
I survived the experience! but dear, how cold it was! See the thickness of the ice layer: a mecanic saw wasn´t enough and we had to use hovels and picks to make a triangle to get into the water. Can you see the reflection of the mountains and our faces? It´s pure adrenaline rush!