Thursday, February 07, 2008


I´m awfully sorry for not having made last entry: too much work and very little time. So, I´m going back to Wednesday class.The vocabulary exercises of the glossary were checked focussing on the word building activities.You already had a handout with specific vocabulary related to the Internet and mobile phones and we did the exercises and two listening activities about people calling and not being able to catch what the other is saying because he´s breaking up .I find this handout very interesteing because it deals with new concepts , vocabulary and ideas , all of of them related to everyday life.

Homework : Book page 61, activity number 1 "for" and "against" topics for debates , for instance "Shopping on line versus going out shopping".

On Thursday we went to the lab to do activities on line . I picked up some listening activities fron the BBC ,which took me ages to spot ,but unfortunately the sound took its time to come out , and as a result,my nerves were shattered,more than usual.

For Monday a test on units 5 and 6.
The cleaner shrimp of the picture is an amazing symbiosis of organisms.It is usually associated with moraines ,living happily together, the moraine opens its huge mouth plenty of sharp teeth and lets the shrimp clean it and remove all the parasites that will feed the latter. It´s a relationship where both parts benefit.In many coral reefs ,cleaner shrimp gather at cleaning stations.