Monday, February 11, 2008


Group A had a vocabulary test ,which didn´t take long; group C will do it on Wednesday at 19,30 ,classroom B-10. So, those of group A who still haven´t made it, can come on Wednesday.

We started to see the differences between the Present Perfect Simple and continuous. The rules were inferred through some cartoons you had to match the statements with the cartoons and the rules . A listening activity about Lara Croft in your books page 56 with the same tenses and some exercises on page 57. Finally we saw the rules and uses in your grammars page 7 .

Homework : Grammar page 9, exercises 4,5 and 6. Workbook page 33, exercises 5, 6 and 7

This gorgonian or seafan is an extraordinary creature.It looks very much like a plant, but it isn´t. It belongs to colonial cnidarian. They can be brightly coloured :red, yellow and purple .They live in colonies with polyps with eight tentacles each to catch plankton and food supply.Being fan- shaped , that is wide and flat ,they can get oriented to currents to take most of the nutrients they need. In shallow waters currents are stronger and gorgonian tend to be more flexible whereas in deeper, calmer water they are stiffer and thinner. Gorgonian have a beauty of their own.Great.