Friday, February 22, 2008


A couple of students made their speeches in group A , group C will do it next Wednesday. I also collected the compositions about advantages and disadvantages .As the class was held in the lab ,we started with a song The Gambler, by Kenny Rogers, an American country singer, whose lyrics are easy to understand . Then a video about holidays which turn out to be a failure: A Holiday in Hell. We finally dealt with some specific vocabulary about holidays which had already seen in the video: types of holiday, where to stay and adjectives to describe that place. Please, never say again wonderful, beautiful or nice.
For homework ,please, do the vocabulary exercises
With such a desert who would dream of tropical ,colorful fish and plentiful underwater life? Red Sea is a direct translation of the Greek Erythra Thalassa and in Latin Mare Rubrum.
The name of the sea may have to do the seasonal groth of a red-coloured cyanobacteria near the water surface. Some think that it refers to the mineral-red mountains nearby .
The Red Sea lies in arid land, desert . The reasons for the good development of reefs is because of its greater depths and a practical water circulation system , The water mass exchanges its water with the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean via the Gulf of Aden. These factors limit the effect of high salinity caused by evaporation and cold water in the north and hot water in the south.
The surface water temperature of the Red Sea during the summer is about 26 °c in the north and 30 °C in the south, with only about 2 °C variation during the winter . The rainfall over the Red Sea and its coasts is extremely low.