Monday, February 25, 2008


We started with two controversial speeches ,one about torture and the other about the sell of human organs , with their points clearly stated and logically organised, with some mistakes though. Anyway, I liked them because of the effort and time the activity must have taken. You didn´t play it by ear.
Dealing with Reported Speech was not a tough matter since it was done by means of a light warm up oral activity , to remind you of the basic principles. We carried on with some activities in your books: page 70 Close Up where you had to put the lines of the summary of Bill Bryson´s story in the correct order. The verbs in bold are reporting verbs , the best occasion to make out the differences between Say and Tell and other verbs that follow these patterns such as inform, convince persuade someone to do or explain, declare,claim to someone. There is a Language Reference box on page 72. In your grammars there is also a chapter about this issue on pages 102 and 103.
We did the listening exercise about having a holiday romance. Very shy ,in fact not much was said, though I suspect you know a lot more than you pretend.Activities 1,2 and 3 with questions ,fill in ,and matching.I told you what vocabulary you should skip in your glossary: Where´s My Car? and Every Postcard Tell us a Story.
For next Monday ,please finish Unit 7 exercises in your workbooks and also do those in your grammar on pages 102,104 and 105. Let me remind you about the speeches.

There are no words to describe such breathtaking,sublime sunset . Underwater life in darkness is a totally bubbling and intense sort of life ,even more amazing than at daytime.

On Wednesday we´ll have a game of Scrabble .The students who take in it, please , come to classroom B-14 .I´ll be forever grateful with your contribution to extra curricular activities.