Monday, February 18, 2008

Students chose a topic to give a speech throughout the week and I noted it down to avoid repetitions with their compositions. Those of you who still haven´t picked up one, please do it on Wednesday after the class.
We finished with the handout you had for homework about tenses and started Unit 8 titled Escape. A nice topic about holidays, good and bad experiences, travel agencies, writing from abroad, falling in love ...
There was a reading called A Day at the Seaside by Brill Bryson, a thoroughly enjoyable writer I recommed because of his irony and sense of humour.A book titled Notes from a Small Island is one of the funniest I´ve ever read because he depicts with a deep and critical insight the Brits and their ways.As I was saying, we went through the activity with the glossary and summarized orally the writer´s ideas in the passage.The comprehension questions on page 68 and the vocabulary exercise on page 70 were done. The last activity was a listening about a couple in their first day in Sydney, Australia with their rows and negotiatiations to spend the day.
For Wednesday two students will start giving their speeches on topics nobody can remain unconcerned. A debate must follow each speech, so get ready to state your point either for or against.
The picture above is one of a magnificent coral reef. If you take a detailed look , you´ll see the water is darker in the background and this is due to the fact that the walls fall down to an extraordinay depth.It´s my ideal holiday indeed.