Thursday, February 14, 2008


We started with a speaking and listening activities about airports, what people do when there are delays and oral and written exercises about present tenses ( a sort of warm up of unit 8).Along with the listening , the first half of the handout for homework was reviewed. Please, do the second half for next Monday .
Apart from letters of complaint, this term you´re also going to learn to write compositions about advantages and disadvantages. Following the instructions in your books pages 60 and 61 ,we had a look at the most conventional topics eg,e-mail versus "snail mail", then saw step by step the procedures to gather ideas ,develop and logically organize them into paragraphs with and introduction, points in favour, ideas against and a conclusion.As linking words are very closely connected with this activity , we did some practice with a handout summarizing ideas of addition, contrast, giving example,sequencing ideas, results,reasons, contrasts... And to finish,we studied a basic model of a composition of this type with linkers, organization of ideas and general layout. I´m interested in your working this item both in written form and in oral debates.To do so, you were given a list of controversial topics : one for the composition to be handed next Thursday and on Monday you´ll pick up another one for a speech and further debates in class:everybody has to do it.No escape.