Tuesday, March 04, 2008


First of all, let me congratulate my fourth year stutents for their valuable contribution to the success of the Scrabble held last Thursday. Isabel and Jimena, Alba twin and Lorena twin, Alba Rodriguez and Victor and last but not least Alejandro and Emilio (the latter for his support). But for you, the game would have been doomed to failure.
We went through the exercises you had for homework focussing on doubts and uncertain aspects of Reported Speech: expressions with Say and Tell ,eg: say a few words, say a prayer or tell sb the way, tell one from another.We went on to deal with modal verbs and introductory verbs .It is really an essential issue ,that is, introductory verbs to reporting such as claim, demand, forbid, insist on, explain and so on. They are on page 109, chapter 7. The next oral activities to be done in the future will be based on these reporting verbs, so you´ll have more practice.
A nice, pleasant oral activity about the different kinds of holiday people can enjoy : culture vultures in search of museums and art galleries, on the beach sunbathing and doing adventure sports. As the term is about to finish daydreaming isn´t that bad, it may come true after all.
Then a listening activity related to the same topic. Some people discuss these three ways of enjoying their holidays with thier reasons to do so.
Homework for Wednesday: grammar ,pages 107,108 and 110. I´m still waiting for some of you to make your speeches!


I have no words to describe such a gorgeous coral reef.It is called Porite solida ,or Massive pore coral.