Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We had the class downstairs in the lab because there was a VHS video I wanted you to watch. But first doubts and questions about your homework were checked : sometimes there are very subtle differences with the use of modal verbs, in some occasions several are possible and there are other times when only one type is the right one, and it´s here where I place special emphasis on.Eg: must and can´t for deduction, didn´t need to do, needn´t have done for absence of obligation.The sort of things you might be in trouble with. Some more uses of modal verbs on pages 71,74 and 75 were dealt with .
Then, the video and I must say here that but for Herminio´s help ,I wouldn´t have been able to make it work.I admit I´m rather slow to accept technological advances, however I´m good-willed , eager to learn and I wouldn´t reject new technologies as a devilish invention.Anyway ,nature hasn´t gifted me with this ability and Herminio came to rescue me when I was on the verge of panicking. It was about an inventor called Trevor Baylis who made a clockwork radio, without batteries, to inform people in underdeveloped countries about the spread of Aids. Then we saw some other inventions in your books on page 93 and made guesses about the time they were invented, and finally on page 96 , more inventions and the necessary narrative tenses to set a sequence of events in the right order .
Grammar ,pages 71 and 76.

Sorry, but I can´t help daydreaming about next summer in The Red Sea. The one on the bottom right corner is me pointing at some amazing creature , this time a Hickson´s giant seafan. Some people say it looks like cabbage ,however it isn´t a plant but an animal, a soft coral.