Thursday, April 24, 2008


Exercises on modal verbs were checked. We focussed on page 78 in your grammars where there´s a summary with all the uses and examples. You must do the exercises assigned for next Thursday and finish all of then on Monday.
The beginning of unit 11 changed the conversation topic, this time is about advertising , publicity, the yellow press and tabloids. We started by checking the logos of popular brands we know and their drawing. Talking about brands teenagers like , those adults buy and the ones most frequently faked was an entertaining activity ,as there´s always something to say. We moved on to a listening about a teenager who pesters his mother to get a pair of Adidas trainers because he will be the odd one out at school if he hasn´t got them. Mothers should be allowed to talk about the matter on the grounds that we´re experts at dealing with nagging children. Pokemons, Tamagochis,Furbies,Poo-Chies and other more modern crazes were taked about like mobiles ,blootooth ... The last activity was a listening with two opposed personalities , one a marketing executive and the other, a headteacher, both of them giving their opinion about children and advertising . This is going to be the starting point for tomorrow´s class: a debate abouth whether laws should be passed to protect children from massive advertising.