Friday, December 12, 2008


Hi, my name´s Claudia .I´m 28 ,I live in Langreo and this is my fourth year at the School of Languages. This is the first time I´ve made a review of this type of articles written by young people and adults with learning problems. I have read the chapter titled Drugs and I find it incredible the way they describe so naturally what they see on TV or what you hear. They describe everything meticulously and there are things that make you laugh.In my opinion there are two important statements which sum up all the article "Drugs is a business which gives a lot of money to four shameless " and " a person who takes drugs is because he wants , nobody makes him do it". I think these people should do more cultural things like this one. Congratulations
Claudia Cases. NI2E

My mane ´s Ainoa, I´m sixteen years old and I´m from La Felguera . I´m studying first of bachiller at Santa Barbara High School. I also go to the Official School of Languages where I am a second year student of English. I´ve read your book El Mundo a través de Nuestros Ojos. I think the chapterabout the royal family is very interesting and funny. I also share your opinion about when you say how busy the royal family is. To be a price or a princess is very complicated and I also think that the king and the queen go to many excursions . Your opinion about the royal wedding is very amusing . I won´t be a pricess bacause I don´t like the obligations of the royal family.
My congratulations for your book I hope there will be a second part.
Ainoa Lebrato. NB2C

Neyla Carballo (NI2E) suggested that I should attach this song to the blog. It´s a great idea and I hope you´ll like it. I accept more contibutions as long as the song is easily understandable . SING, PLEASE, SING


First term speaking exam.
Two topics:
--Talk about yourself, your daily routines,your family, your studies ,your hobbies, what you did last summer and your plans for the future.
--Picture description.
Those who finished first did some review exercises about questions and about the future.

First term speaking exam. Two topics:
--Picture description .
--A topic to develop among those dealt with in class the previous months.


- Better say people instead of persons.
-A commitment to do sth.
-We can go to the mountain.( go to..., wrong: go on the beach)
-To enjoy the country. ( wrong:to enjoy to the country)
-If the first verb has can and you add more verbs, they can´t have to. We can go to the beach and walk. (wrong: we can go to the beach and to walk)
-It is in the country where a lot of people (wrong: it´s a country where a lot of people...)
-Living in the country is boring (wrong:is bored)
-Beautiful walks in the forest (wrong:beutiful walks between forest )
-A relaxing life (wrong: a relax life)
-Living in a town is very comfortable,everybody knows it.(wrong: everybody know them)
-You don´t wait for hours in a traffic jam to go to work (for working)
-We hear that villages are abandoned by young people.(wrong: for young people)
-There isn´t so much gossip (wrong: there aren´t so gossips)
-It is difficult to choose a place to live (wrong: is difficult to choice a place)
-We can choose (wrong:we can choice)
-We can choose to live in the country if we want to live in a quiet area (wrong:we can choose to live in a town if we want to live in a quiet area)
-Other advatages (wrong: others advantages)
-We don´t know who he man who lives next door is (wrong: we don´t know who is the man who lives next door)
-Means of transport (wrong:mains of transport)
-Living in a town has got lots of advantages too, for example ,means of transport: train,bus, cab..(wrong: living in the country..., wrong concept)
-On the Internet (wrong: in the Internet)
-If you live in a Sanish town .(wrong: if you live in a Spanish´s town)
-At the same time as an American (wrong: as the same time as an American)
-Depending on the point of view (wrong: depending from the point of view)
-The point of view of everyone (wrong: everyone´s point of view, anyway ,it sounds very clumsy. I would say: depending on your particular point of view)
You must write what you are asked . The topic was : Living in towns versus living in the country. It´s not about spending holidays in towns ot in the country. Read carefully the topic because on some of you has misunderstood it and has mistaken the country for the town (living in a town is all right if you want to have a quiet life, you don´t have to wait long hours in traffic jams...) with these mistakes you ruin your compositions.