Tuesday, December 09, 2008


My name´s Neyla. I´m from Laviana and I live with my boyfriend and my two cats , I also go to The Official School of Languages of Langreo to learn English and German, there my teacher Ana lent me the book you have written and I enjoyed it very much. I especially liked your article titled Discapacidad or Disability because I completely agree with you. Everybody has handicaps to get over and we also have to keep trying new challenges . With regard to the people who call you fool, you mustn´t listen to them because they have the worst handicap of all: they can´t understand other people who are different from them.
Congratulations on your good work and I hope to hear news from you soon.
Neyla Carbllo. NI2E

My name´s Alberto I have lived in Langreo for four years , I´m an optician and because of that I know many disabled people with problems in their eyes.
It´s true ,sometimes, when young people meet to make a "botellón" that things can turn out wrong ,without control,but it also depends on the make of the drinks and the drugs they take.If you think "botellón" must be forbidden, you are on the right way.Normally, young people try to have fun with it, bgut htere are many things to do better than drinking alcohol. All of us would enjoy our lives and our free time doing healthier activities.
Perhaps in the future you could write a new book telling us your ideas to enjoy the night without alcohol.People like you can show us the other side of diversion, and free time.
I have also read what you think about people with any kind of disability. I agree with you, do whatever you want in spite of of those who think you have a disease.a disease might have damaged your body´s abilities ,but if you want to be successful you only have to work hard ,like anybody else.don´t care about those who don´t respect your condition. they are extremely foolish to understand you. the best way to fight discrimination is to prove you can do a lot of things as well as anybody else.
Alberto Pintos Novo. NI2E

  • Thursday ,11th: SPEAKING
  • Monday ,15th: WRITING
  • Tuesday 16 th:READING AND WRITING
  • Thursday,18th: REPORT


--Homework:Workbook.p.26 ,27. Grammar. unit 28

----Composition: St.b.p.37. An Informal Letter. We learnt how to write them, in this case you are a foreign student who goes to Great Britain to live with a family. You saw how to write, order and express your ideas in a logical way. A composition for Thursday.

--Reading and listening:st.b.p. 34. I was only dreaming, about the interpretation of dreams . Some statements about the topic (true-false),a few drawings to order and a dialogue about a psychoanalyst and a patient. Then, another activity where you have to guess the interpretation of the patient´s dreams and check it after the listening.

--Phonetics: St.b.p35. Sentence stress. A practice with strong and weak forms :I´m meeting her tonight.

--Speaking: pair work A:p.110/B:p.114 where A is the patient and B is the psychoanalyst who interpet A´s dreams.You swap roles.

--Homework: p.28,29 ,.A compositon for Thursday.

--Homework: workbook, p.20. St. B.p.30, 31 .A reading about perfection exercise with blanks to be filled in. In turns you read it out ,I noted down pronunciation mistakes and we checked them on the blackboard.
-- Listening: St.b. p. 30. About activies and hobbies people are hooked on.It dealt with formal and informal expressions to be used in different situations.you had to spot who they were talking about and what they were addicted to, then you listened to some extracts with colloquial expressions.
--Writing: St.b.p. 34. A For and Against composition. I strongly recommend to pay attention to this activity since it has an importance of its own.Special emphasis on linking words and tips to order paragraphs and ideas.
--Homework: a composition about Living in a town V living in the country or Working for a company V working on your own.

  • Thursday ,11th: SPEAKING
  • Monday, 15th: WRITING
  • Wednesday,17th: READING AND LISTENIG
  • Thursday,18th: REPORT