Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The Arabian Angelfish is found in the Red Sea, but also in the Indo-Pacific, it has a dark blue/purple body, black face, yellow tail, and a predominant yellow crescent bisecting the body vertically. The Angelfish has a bright yellow tail. As with some other Pomacanthus, the coloration of the juvenile differs from the adult.
A shy fish that does best when not kept with other Asfurs due to territorial behaviour. The Asfur Angelfish is prone to nip at stony and soft corals (sessile invertebrates) and clam mantles.
All Angelfish are hermaphroditic. The Asfur Angelfish is indistinguishable from male to female .


Study English every Day

How many English words can I learn per day?

10 English words or phrases per day aren’t too many, are they? Just give it a try. You will find that you can learn them in next to no time.

So why not take a little time each day (Monday to Friday) to learn 10 new words?

Use the weekend to revise what you have learned during the past week(s). This way you’ll enrich your English vocabulary by 50 new words per week. (That’s 200 new English words after a month!)


Set small, achievable targets, e.g.:

- learn 10 new English words or phrases every day, Mondays to Fridays (repeat on Saturdays, relax on Sundays)

- unlearn one typical mistake before the next test

- study 15 minutes every day

- read the lyrics of an English song every week and try to understand its main content

- read and try to understand one short English text every week

Alberto thanks so much for your song.
I hope to go back to teaching soon